• Vino Cotto 100ml

    What is Vino Cotto?

    Translated as ‘cooked wine’ It is made by the slow cooking and reduction over many hours of non-fermented grape must until it has been reduced to about one-fifth of its original volume and the sugars present have caramelized.

    Savoury suggestions:

    • Sauté diced eggplant with onion in a little olive oil & use the vino cotto to deglaze the pan.
    • Roast baby beetroot until just tender & splash with vino cotto before serving as a beautiful salad on its own or spruced up with rocket & walnuts.
    • Use vino cotto to deglaze the pan after searing beef fillets & you will have a beautiful syrupy sauce to drizzle over the meat.

    Sweet suggestions:

    • Slightly swirl Vino Cotto over creamy panna cotta to add flavour. Caramelised figs with Vino Cotto are divine or try sweetened ricotta topped with peaches and drizzled with Vino Cotto – for a delicious and healthy dessert.
    • Pears that have been poached with Vino Cotto and topped with hazelnut cream will be a dinner highlight.
    Vino Cotto 100ml
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