• Sweet Ginger & Lime Dressing 375ml


    Our Gold medal winning dressing is made from a blend of chillies , ginger , garlic and lime , with a special infusion of kaffir lime leaves to give it its unique fresh taste.

    Try it any or all of these ways;

    *drizzle over bbq squid or prawns

    *add to mayonnaise for a new twist on cocktail sauce 

    *whole steam fish

    *chilled chicken salad

    *dressing for oysters

    *dipping sauce for fresh spring rolls or dumplings

    *as a dressing for coleslaw

    ***Perth Royal food awards GOLD medal 2017

    ***Perth Royal food awards Champion Savoury Preserve 2017

    Sweet Ginger & Lime Dressing 375ml
    • $17.95

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