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  • Sambarino After Dinner Mint Liqueur 375ml

    *Free shipping when a case of Sambarino (12 bottles) is purchased for delivery within Australia.

    A decadent chocolate liqueur made with African Cocoa and our finest grapes. This is the perfect way to end an evening. Reminiscent of the after dinner mints of our childhood. Enjoy it straight over ice.

    Choc-Mint Icecream Sandwich


    • Chocolate ripple biscuits
    • Choc chip ice cream
    • Sambarino After dinner mint liqueur


    Place a biscuit on each plate. Add a scoop of choc chip icecream, drizzle refrigerated Sambarino over ice cream and top with another cookie. Serve immediately.

    Peppermint Hot Chocolate


    • 1 Cup Hot Chocolate
    • 30ml Sambarino After Dinner Mint


    Mix and top with whipped cream


    Sambarino After Dinner Mint Liqueur 375ml
    • $24.95 per bottle

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